Best devops experts

Whatever type of DevOps solutions or tech stack you’re about to use to solve your tasks, be sure that thanks to skills and in-depth expertise of our pros, it will all be done with best-fitting architecture, smooth integration and delivered in time.

Wide technologies stack

We specialize in development of enterprise business software and applications for custom needs. Our experience allows us to create applications with high performance with the . use of C++, PHP, C#, Java, Flex, Delphi, Linux/Unix, Python, Perl and other technologies, programming languages and platforms.

Diverse expertise

Our core specialists have great track record in variouse projects, from development of high load dynamic databases in procurement & banking to VoIP based call centers and building secure PCI DSS compiant IT infrostructure and services.

Open source enterprise

To reduce costs, wherever it is applicable for customer's needs, we utilize in best manner combinations of the most innovative open source solutions, such as Ansible, Git, Docker, CouchDB, Mongodb, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached, RabbitMQ, HAProxy, nginx, apache, mod_security, varnish, ELK, Netdata, Grafana, Zabbix, InfluxDB, Jenkins, Selenium, Robot framework, VMware, KVM, AWS & other.


Since April 2017 our company has been providing support, and since January 2018 support & development of PROZORRO - public e-procurement system: 350 Virtual servers in 3 vertical equal zones Files’ volume in object storage - 80 Tb, increasing +3,5 Tb/month. Volume of NoSQL productive data base - 230 Gb. 200 000 system users. Quantity of fixed sessions per day - 21 mln. Traffic per day: 442 Gb downloaded, 88 Gb uploaded.

  • 350

    Virtual servers

  • 230

    GB of Productive data base

  • 200K

    system users

  • 21

    MLN Fixed sessions/day