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Build a custom solution, modernize your system, solve architecture & infrastructure or security issues with a reliable partner by your side.

We provide technology consulting, end-to-end software development and guide you through every step, from discovery phase to implementation and support.

MK is a software development company with proven track record of national-scale IT projects, that change public services landscape creating new tools for people, business and society.

OUR EXPERTISE / for products for companies for growth


Our Architects and DevOps setup high-load & high availability infrastructure, orchestration, continuous integration & delivery, monitoring, logging and alerting.

We speed up time-to-market and optimize resource to save your costs for development and running of on premises and cloud-native applications.

Our experts help to move existing solutions to a cloud or develop cloud-native apps.


Infrastructure as a code, Configuration management, CI/CD, Infrastructure orchestration & automation.


Audit, development, improvement of high-load IT systems.


Cloud & on premise deploy, costs & load optimization.


Prevention & identification of critical vulnerabilities.

Data management

Data migrations, integratins of services, databases, systems, applications and design of various data solutions:

  • Classical SQL and NoSQL DBMS
  • Big Data / Data Warehouse / Data lake
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We use the following tools:


By development and support of applications, sytems, separate functionalities or APIs, functional and none-functional testing we help technology companies at different stages of a product lifecycle: from idea to design, development, testing and maintenance.

Our long-term partners outline that outsourcing product development to MK reduces production costs and time-to-market ensuring high quality.

In our development teams we develop a software product from scratch to final release, or handle particular development stages (like architecture design, UI/UX, QA, support).


With the help of agile/scrum methodology we always stay focused on the most important things, therefore business critical features are on top and implemented first. We practice CI/CD, with automated pipelines, canary deployments, configuration management.

Delivery pipeline

  • Product scoping
  • Architecture design
  • Software product development
  • Software testing
  • Software product support and maintenance
  • Users training
  • Professional consulting


Depending on exact project needs we develop optimal development schema and technologies to be involved.



Architecture approach

Architecture should be designed and built according to Microservices Architecture (MSA) approach, to define and create systems through the use of small independent and self-contained services aligned closely with business activities.

For the interaction of components of a distributed system of applications we propose to use REST + Message Broker when DATA in topics are applicable and reusable for involved services with At-Most-Once delivery, At-Least-Once delivery or Exactly-Once delivery scheme.

For services architecture DataBase per service pattern is proposed as part of MSA when each microservice’s persistent data is kept private to that service and accessible only via its API. A service’s transactions only involve its DataBase.


Technology stack 

Proposal to use the following technologies:
Java, Spring Boot, Kubernates, Docker, RestAPI, Ceph, Streaming API
Apache Kafka, Sping Vault, Hashicorp Vault, PostgreSQL
MongoDB Spring Cloud Config,Redis
GitLab, SonarCube, Open VAS, ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana, Filebeat, Journalbeat. Haproxy, Nginx

Monitoring: Zabbix, Prometheus, Grafana. Logging: ELK, Sentry, Beats. Ability for tracing by request ID.


Information security approach

Strong cryptography with certification by the State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection. Production environment should has no Internet connection, all traffic (inbound and outbound) between different services has to be managed by Firewall.

All default passwords and accounts have to be changed.

All public faced libraries have to be up to date and periodically scanned by external and internal Vulnerabilities Scanning Software.

All passwords used by services and/or users have to be complaint to Passwords Policy and Procedures with rules like password rotations.

Deploy to Staging environment should be exposed by Unit tests, Integration tests, vulnerability tests.


Workflows approach

CI/CD: Git, GitLab, pipelines, Kubernetes, SonarCube, Sentry.

Change management, task management: Jira, Confluence, Slack, Jira Helpdesk.

Development: Agile, Scrum, SOLID, ACID.

Delivery: Deploy through several environments (Dev, Sandbox, Staging, Production), Blue/Green Deployments, Canary Deployments, Automatic Deployments after commit in isolated Dev environment.


  • Unit tests
  • Integration tests
  • Vulnerability tests
  • Auto tests
  • Manual tests

Depending on project needs we practice the following:
The automated testing system is created to test new functionality, emulate artificial load and reproduce possible errors in a mode as close as possible to the real one. Deploy to Staging environment is exposed to Unit tests, Integration tests, Vulnerability tests. All modules of a software should be fully or partially covered with autotests and unit tests.

We use:


UX/UI design, prototyping, development of design system and identity elements.

Our web designers will help you to differentiate your product, providing usability and smart design, making your style a recognized signature of your product idea.

Among our designers we will easily find the level and style that fits best to your needs. Based on results of a short brief we will propose several candidates for completion of the project.


Delivery pipeline

  • Brief

  • Scope determination

  • Various designs

  • Customer consultancy

  • Update of designs

  • Final Figma or any format suitable to the customer or developer

We use:


Creation of Terms of Referenses and Specifications, Business Process Analysis, BA support of product development, from idea to turnkey product solution.

At our clients disposal there are Project Owners, Project Managers, Business Analysts available with different skills. Senior team players have wide experience of managing multi-vendor projects of national and international scale with several stakeholders.


With the help of agile/scrum methodology we always stay focused on the most important things, therefore business critical features are on top and implemented first.

Delivery pipeline

  • Consultations

  • Business Analysis to form ToR

  • Estimation of ToR by the team

  • Budget

  • Gant

  • Plannings

  • Retros

  • Demos

  • Documentation

We use:


We perform audit of business processes and infrastructure, develop SDLC procedures of IT projects in private and public sector, help Customers to establish internal teams for the following support of developed IT solutions.


SDLC policies and procedures in form of documents and pipelines in Gitlab CI/CD using GitLab runner.

We use:



Complete development cycle

Practice of LEAN management to optimize costs

Team of specialists, ready to perform large-scale, complex projects

Development of high-load systems of enterprise level

Assiatance in projects implementation and building customer’s IT team

Deep expertise in development of public sector systems

Use of optimal combinations of opensource solutions

Methodology of product transfer – documentraion, testing, automation


As a former director of the State Enterprise Prozorro, I have extremely positive impressions of working with MK-Consulting. They provided us with high-quality services for development and maintenance of Prozorro information and telecommunications system (ITS), demonstrating high professionalism and competence. Among our biggest joint projects were migration of the Prozorro ITS from Amazon AWS to the DeNovo data center, as well as the development of a number of projects, including Electronic Catalogs and new procedures in accordance with the new Public Procurement Law of 2020. The company provided us with excellent specialists in various development profiles, thanks to whom we were able to achieve successful results in our activities. Cooperation with MK-Consulting was the key to the success of our project, and I am happy to recommend them as a reliable partner.

Vasyl ZadvorniyCEO PROZORRO

The development services of the COVID certificate generation component within the electronic healthcare system of Ukraine were provided by LLC "MK-CONSALTING" in full, within the established terms and with proper quality.
The development is implemented on a microservices architecture, using the FHIR data model, packaged in Docker containers, and Kubernetes as orchestrator, using applicant's authorization via electronic digital signature.
We can recommend LLC "MK-CONSALTING" for cooperation as high-level professionals.

Hannes AstokExecutive Director, Chairman of the Management Board E-Governance Academy, Estonia

MK is a reliable and competent partner for any project that requires high productivity, reliability, and proper security. They are a professional team with expertise in building high-performance solutions at a national level, including deep knowledge in DevOps, which allows them to effectively optimize development processes and ensure fast and uninterrupted operation of the products they work on.

Volodymyr ChugaiCEO "Strimco Ukraine LLC"

Our team had the experience of high-quality interaction with the MK-consulting company. Such interaction was possible thanks to the significant experience of experts in the implementation of national-scale projects in the field of health care and in the field of public procurement. Together, we managed to implement another national system - e-Stock, which will strengthen the state's ability to manage the supply and coverage of medical goods. During this project, MK-consulting specialists showed high-quality expertise not only in the domain, but also in the construction of architecture, cyber security, integrations with various government services. I am grateful to the specialists of this team for the success of our project.

Alona ZhuzhaDeputy General manager in IT development of SE "Medical procurement of Ukraine"

Development of IT solutions

Development of IT solutions

Development of IT solutions

Development of IT solutions

Development of IT solutions

Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud infrastructure services

Cloud infrastructure services

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