OPEN SOURCE ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS for Companies working with big volume dynamic data bases. All in one - from backend to frontend.

  • Virtual servers - 350
  • System is divided in 3 vertical equal zones
  • Files’ volume in object storage - 80 Tb. Increasing + 3,5 Tb/month
  • Volume of NoSQL productive data base - 230 Gb
  • 200 000 system users
  • Quantity of fixed sessions per day - 21 mln.
  • Traffic per day: 442 Gb downloaded, 88 Gb uploaded

SYSTEM OF GENERAL MONITORING, ALERT, LOGGING, RESERVATION and LOADS BALANCING guarantees Your safety and replaces usual SLAs of Vendors.


Monitoring system provides quick response thanks to ready-made scripts and settings, graphs, dashboards, as well as alerts, configured for triggers by system levels and services. Logging system ensures transparency of all changes in the system and the possibility of complete audit. Load balancing ensures functioning of systems by distributing large loads.


OPEN SOURCE is the safest software — a code is developed and audited by the largest number of specialists in the world.

OPEN SOURCE is transparent, unlike vendor solutions, all changes are traceable.

OPEN SOURCE is fast track to innovations in IT.

Implementation of OPEN SOURCE solutions stimulates development of customer’s internal team, preventing degradation of Your admins which is the case when taking vendor solution.

SUPPORT ON SITE — an in-house team/team on site better understands internal processes and needs, leading to less resources spent for development аnd resulting in to exactly the system Your business requires. Open documentation — normally in vendor solutions a product is 50% of the price, another 50% is implementation, training/learning and documentation. With open products a customer has a choice — to take or not to take professional support, unlike with vendor solutions, where paid support is normally obligatory. Experience tells, that even if You have SLA, but a problem is not obvious, its solution is sold as additional option or development. With open source alike situations are much more transparent. Price depends on complexity of necessary solutions and individual development needs, but in general Your economy may achieve 30-50% of alike vendor solution.